How To Sterilize Jam Jars The Right Way
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How To Sterilize Jam Jars The Right Way

It is very important to clean your jam jars and make them as sterile as possible before filling them with anything. The whole idea in preserving is to ensure that the food in the jar stays sterile. The following steps will show you how to sterilize your glass jars properly.

The beauty of making jam is that you can re-use your jam jars. But it is important you ensure that they have no chips or cracks and the lids have no dents or bends. Always use relatively new lids that fit well and tight on the jar.

Wash your jars and lids in soapy water then rinse off the soap well with clean running water. Now, to sterilize, there are two ways on how to:

Method 1: Boiling

Submerge the clean jars and lids in a large pan of portable water and bring to the boil. Boil for 10 minutes. Keep jars in the hot water until when you are ready to fill them with jam.

Method 2: In the Oven

Sterilize the jars in a 180°C oven for 10 min. Keep them warm in the oven until they are ready to be filled. This is very important because if you fill hot jam to a cold jar, the glass will crack.

You see how easy it is to sterilize jars? Now, go ahead and make jam!

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