Why It’s Very Hard Finding the Right Glass Jars
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Why It’s Very Hard Finding the Right Glass Jars

The biggest headache in preserving fruit is finding the right preservation container or vessel. In the case of jam, it’s having available the right jam jars.

Glass Jars Block Out Spoilage Microorganisms

The importance of the jam jar has never been in question because this is the material that will provide a barrier between the cooked fruit (i.e the jam) and the environment (or spoilage microorganisms).


The cooking process in jam making has many functions. The main ones being to sterilize the fruit through heat and to create a fruit environment (the addition of acid and sugar) which inhibits the growth of spoilage microorganisms.

Furthermore, it is very important that the cooked jam is stored in a sterile, inert material that will prevent food spoilage microorganisms from getting to the jam.

A simple way of ensuring this happens is to use the right jam jars as captioned.

The right jam jars

Now this is where it gets difficult. In Kenya, finding these jars is an impossible task. It took me many months of searching before I found what I was looking for.

Shockingly when I found the jars, the metal lids were not available, and so I had to unhappily wait for at least four months for the glass manufacturing company to import them.

Having the right jam jars makes the jam making process an easy and enjoyable activity. It gives you the peace of mind of not having to worry about your jam going bad (as long as you sterilize your jars well). It allows you concentrate on the actual process of making jam.

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  1. Doris

    I want to buy 200 or 250 Gramm glass jars in round or square shapes

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