Why Making Jam is Important, Make Today
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Why Making Jam is Important, Make Today

Making jam is an easy way of extending the harvest season of fruit. Here is an example- In Mombasa we have mangoes aplenty from November to January of each year. In this period, usually there is a glut of mangoes in the market. Predictably, they are much cheaper too. There are many ways of preserving this fruit so that you have it available all year round- one easy way is to make jam i.e turn the fruit into jam.

Adding Value

Preservation adds value to the fruit, making you fetch more money at the market. You will also avoid losses due to spoilage that are so common during this period of glut. I am always so astonished when I see carts upon carts of perishable mangoes on the streets and wonder ”if only they knew how to preserve it or make jam”.

Knowing how to make jam allows you to have the fruit in form of a spread or pairing with your favorite pastry, bread or yogurt. There is nothing as good as pineapple jam on fresh unsweetened yogurt.

Making it in Your Kitchen is Even Better

If you are making jam in your kitchen at home? Thumbs up! Nothing beats that. You get to make jam with the fruit that you like. It can be a single fruit jam or mixed fruit jam. You can have fun with the fruit and come up with a jam that you will be proud to show off to friends/ family as gifts.

If you are lucky and you have a fruit tree in your backyard, jam making will even get more pleasant. You will find that you have lots of fruit when the tree is in production and your natural reaction will be to turn it all into jam. Soon, your kitchen cupboard space will be occupied with jam jars. When this point reaches, I suggest you go out there and sell. You will be surprised by the tidy sum you will make.

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